At the core of our business, lies our contracting services encompassing all aspects of contaminated land remediation and our broad capability in delivering specialist enabling works packages.

We have a great depth of experience in acting as principal designer or principal contractor, and in specialist subcontractor roles. Working flexibly under various contractual models to assist the client with their preferred delivery model.

How we can help

Soil remediation
RemedX has a long history of success with soil remediation projects across the UK and Europe. Our approach leverages our significant experience in civil engineering and earthworks management, which focuses on efficient material management and treatment and maximising reuse. Typical examples of technologies with which we have significant experience are bioremediation; soil washing; solidification and stabilisation; soil mixing; and excavation and disposal.

Groundwater remediation
As a UK leader in process-based remediation technologies with an in-house remediation system design and construction team, RemedX has the capabilities to service groundwater treatment projects from the domestic scale to large industrial-scale, multitechnology, process-based systems. The typical technologies we have skills in include light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) and dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) recovery; total fluids pumping systems; air sparging and soil vapour extraction; thermally enhanced extraction; dual- and multiphase extraction; chemical oxidation and reduction; permeable reactive barriers; and monitored natural attenuation (MNA) and enhanced MNA.

Specialist enabling work
With the evolution of brownfield development and contract specifications pushing clients towards seeking a more efficient procurement model, including enabling works alongside remediation alone, we anticipated this demand by building our service offering around this requirement. Our team has experience of civil engineering design and implementation, and operating as the principal contractor. We recognise the benefits this model can bring to clients regarding programme management, cost reduction and risk mitigation.

Remediation equipment hire
Maintaining our own fleet of remediation equipment means we can save you time and money by handling everything in-house. With sister company GRS, we can also design and build specialist plant to suit specific site problems. If we do not have the necessary equipment, we can hire it from rigorously vetted suppliers. All equipment is always fully serviced and maintained to ensure maximum performance and safety.

Multidisciplinary project delivery
Being an RSK company, RemedX can draw on the capabilities of the entire group to manage and deliver contract scopes, from ecological support and habitat management, temporary works design and coordination to geotechnical, asbestos, restricted access and more. Our diverse and integrated group structure enables us to select appropriate support internally, thereby maintaining a single client contact point and contractor risk allocation rather than having a complex network of subcontractors.

What we can do for you