Our in-depth knowledge and experience of applying remediation methodologies to sites across Europe position us ideally to assess the applicability of given or a range of remedial techniques to any contaminated land problem.

How we can help

Remediation strategy, options appraisal and design
We are experienced in and can prepare pre-work remediation strategies, including negotiating with and obtaining approval from regulatory authorities and project stakeholders to ensure timely approval of work. Our team can also provide remediation options appraisals to ensure selection of the most technically robust, cost-effective and sustainable solution for your site. This is done by considering the Environment Agency’s most recent guidance, “Land contamination risk management”, which was published in October 2020. RemedX has considerable experience of designing innovative, robust and cost-effective remedial systems. All our designs incorporate safety-critical devices and stringent environmental impact mitigation measures. The systems are low maintenance, reliable, subject to peer review and adaptable to individual site conditions.

Contract management
RemedX has commercial staff who are familiar with the operation and execution of all common forms of construction and engineering work contracts, particularly NEC and JCT. We take a collaborative approach to each contract and balance the commercial and technical components in our work. Using this approach, we can operate as a management contractor to deliver portfolios of project work that may fall outside the remit of other remediation contractors. RemedX operates an integrated management system and is certified to ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001.

WAMITAB/COTC supervision and inspection
RemedX has qualified waste management personnel who can undertake mobile plant license monitoring inspections for Environment Agency compliance and secondment roles or watching briefs for your projects to ensure hazardous waste handling complies with permitting requirements.

What we can do for you