Owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, RemedX has been actively safeguarding its equipment against this highly infectious virus. Partnering at its base with RSK Response, the specialist remediation company has deep cleaned its equipment, thereby protecting its staff and its clients’ interests.

A combined RemedX and Response team disinfected and then applied a 30-day protective barrier against COVID-19 to the RemedX equipment. All members of the team hold Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards, are equipped with face-protecting masks and have appropriate training to access various sites.

RSK established RSK Response, the reliable and fast-acting decontamination unit, in 2017. The business is designed to provide various waste management services, including hazardous waste management; waste collection, treatment and disposal; and, of course, decontamination of areas potentially infected with COVID-19.

The business is also equipped with a dedicated team and equipment for responding to flood-related emergency situations. With RSK’s wealth of knowledge and the large number of environmental experts available, guidance and advice are on hand to prepare for these increasingly common events.

Recently, RSK Response decontaminated and deep cleaned Wasps rugby club’s home ground. The specialist team deep cleaned all the major locations in the stadium and grounds, including the changing rooms, the in-house gym and its equipment, the media centre and control room, the dugout, commentators’ and general seating areas, the toilets and the staff offices.

RemedX News - Safeguarding against COVID-19