Remediating an industrial site for housing development

RemedX successfully remediated a historically contaminated former industrial site where the contaminants included chlorinated solvents, lubricating oils, polyaromatic hydrocarbons and arsenic (soil). The site, which was being redeveloped for housing, was in a densely populated area, so the remediation required careful planning and environmental management.

The overall strategy RemedX proposed included phasing the treatment areas with the overall construction programme, thereby enabling house building to progress and minimising disruption to programme. Through researching and trialling innovative treatment methods, we were able to design a solution to treat the soil using bespoke chemical oxidants mixed into soil in windrows.

To target the groundwater, a high-vacuum, multiphase extraction process was used to remove solvents from the soil and groundwater in the site’s southern quarter. This in-situ remediation process was managed on-site. Extraction wells were focused in cells to sweep the extraction efforts across the site sequentially. The process minimised ground disturbance and the need for earthmoving near the adjacent houses.

Both remedial methods were successfully applied and validated, thereby achieving regulatory sign-off and approval. The end-point concentrations were significantly below the remedial targets. Both the project schedule and the cost were substantially within the client’s targets.